Start pgSQL in Wamp

Copy/download¬† ‘libpq.dll’ to the
Apache bin directory from the PHP directory (\bin\php\ ).
The reason for this is because PHP is loaded as an Apache module,
so any dlls that the extensions require need to be copied to the
Apache bin directory.

1. Open ‘’ in any text editor.
2. Do a search for ‘$phpDllToCopy’ without the single quotes.
3. Add the following at the end of the line that was found in step 2, exactly as written: ‘libpq.dll’,

The edited line should look like the
following: $phpDllToCopy = array ( ‘libpq.dll’,
4. Save ‘’ and refresh WampServer



How to import pgSQL file to localhost pgAdmin

By Command Promt:

– Click on the start –> PostgreSQL 9.0 –> SQL Shell
– It will ask you like below:

  • Server [localhost] =¬† Just press enter
  • Database [postgres] = Enter the db name [but before create the database through pgAdmin GUI]
  • Username [postgres] = Enter the username of database, by default is ‘postgres’
  • Password for user postgres = Enter the password for pgAdmin that u given @ the time of installation pgAdmin

Now you are ready to import the SQL, you can see in command prompt like this


Enter the following commands.
a. \i <c:/your_sql_file_name.sql>

if this not work then use this

b. \i <c:/your_sql_file_name.sql>

Now go to pgAdmin GUI and check your database tables.

Online Javascript compressor

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